Our Vision and Experience

I like metal. I like that, with a little heat and more than a little force, you can transform it. I like involving myself in that process, the manual labor, and the unpredictability.




I was trained as a high-pressure plate and pipe welder in the United States Navy where excellence was the standard, and where I developed a deep respect for the form and function of steel. My studies in politics and history revealed how art has served as a representation of the state of a society since man discovered fire. My journey continued with a Master of Fine Arts degree with primary emphasis in sculpture and secondary emphasis in jewelry design and metalsmithing.


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  • Architectural design –                   Hand-forged elements for commercial and residential application
    • Gates
    • Doors
    • Railings
    • Hardware
  • Private consultation inspired projects


Sculptural Jewelry Design

We also engage in the more delicate metal work of fine jewelry. The end effect is that of dramatic pieces of wearable sculpture that highlight the relationship of art to the body.


Classes and Private Instruction

We are professionally trained in both the technical aspects of metal manipulation and in artistic design and theory.

We offer group classes and private instruction in blacksmithing and all modern welding processes.

In addition, we facilitate artistic creation and expression through instruction utilizing these processes.

Art history, theories of artistic design, and composition lectures available upon request.



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